Case Studies

Maxillary Left Central Incisor (UL1) Root Canal Treatment, Maxillary Left Lateral Incisor (UL2) Root Canal Retreatment and Apicectomy


Patient referred for root canal treatment UL1 and retreatment UL2. Apical transportation and perforation evident UL2.

After chemo-mechanical debridement, obturation was with warm vertical compaction of gutta-percha and sealer. The access cavities were restored with composite resin.

At the one year review apical healing was evident for UL1 but the UL2 lesion was still present and symptomatic. The patient requested apicectomy.

A muco-periosteal flap, with papilla preservation, was raised. After osteotomy the root end was resected and the lesion curetted out. Retro-preparation was with ultrasonics and retro-filling was with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA).

After a year bony healing, with some scar tissue formation, was evident apically for UL2. Aesthetic crowns had been placed on UL1 and UL2 and the patient was symptom free.

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