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We want you to keep your teeth for life. We have the necessary training, expertise and technology to ensure that this is a reality. Working in partnership with your dentist, we can help you maintain a natural and healthy dentition. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Why do I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is required when the pulp inside the root, or roots, of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. Without treatment the infection can spread, which usually leads to loss of the tooth. The root canals are extremely small and are rarely straight, which is why the treatment is often undertaken by someone with the necessary finely-tuned skills and specialist equipment.

Why have I been referred by my dentist?

Root canal treatment is a complex and demanding procedure. Sometimes your dentist may feel that it would be better for you to be treated by someone with further training in root canal work. We have the experience and specialist equipment necessary to provide the best possible standard of care. Huddersfield Endodontics is renowned for its high level of expertise and, with over a decade of experience, you can be assured that you really are in the best hands.

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Mandibular Left First Molar (LL6) Root Canal Retreatment – Gutta-percha

Patient referred complaining of pain with heat from previously root filled LL6. The pulp chamber roof was still present, the obturation was short of the radiographic apices and a missed disto-buccal canal was evident. The apical periodontal ligament spaces were…

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Maxillary Left First Molar (UL6) Root Canal Retreatment – Fractured Instrument

Patient referred as root canal treatment had been started, following irreversible pulpitis, but a file had been fractured in the disto-buccal (DB) canal.

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Mandibular Right Second Molar (LR7) Root Canal Retreatment – Silver Points

Patient referred for root canal retreatment of LR7 to resolve the chronic apical periodontitis. The lingual wall had fractured and an ortho band was placed to facilitate isolation and restoration. The silver points were…

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Maxillary Left Central Incisor (UL1) Root Canal Retreatment – Post Removal

Patient referred for root canal retreatment UL1 to resolve the chronic apical periodontitis.  The crown, post and gutta-percha were removed. Apex locator readings were confirmed radiographically and the canal was chemo-mechanically debrided.

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Maxillary Left Central Incisor (UL1) Root Canal Treatment, Maxillary Left Lateral Incisor (UL2) Root Canal Retreatment and Apicectomy

Patient referred for root canal treatment UL1 and retreatment UL2. Apical transportation and perforation evident UL2. After chemo-mechanical debridement, obturation was…

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