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Keeping regular check up appointments – what is the benefit?

Life is busy. We all have so many commitments and obligations that take up so much of our time, so it is easy to let some things slip. It is vital that you ensure that one of these things isn’t your routine dental check up.

During your appointment, your Dental Care Practitioner will be making a series of careful health checks without you even noticing.

Oral Cancer Screening

The first check your dentist will make is to check the inside of your mouth, to examine your cheeks and tongue. They will also examine underneath your neck and your jaw. These checks are part of a thorough oral cancer screening – early detection greatly improves the level of success in treatment.

Gum Disease

The Dentist will then carefully assess your gums and check for any Gum Disease.

Gum disease destroys the bone that supports your teeth and this cannot be replaced. Changes in our gum health are not always noticeable so it is important to receive the correct treatment to keep your gums in perfect condition. Gum health is also linked to other areas of health such as diabetes and heart disease, so this treatment keeps other areas of your body healthy as well!

Tooth Decay

The final stage of your check up will be a charting of each tooth’s individual health. Using our state of the art microscope we can spot decay before you have even noticed any changes. A restored tooth is never as strong as the original healthy tooth, so its imperative that we spot any decay as soon as it occurs.

Overall Health

In your check up we will also advise on how to make changes to your eating habits and life style as well as take a thorough medical history to ensure we keep you in perfect health.

So, in review, the benefits are clear to see. Please make some time for your dental health check, it keeps you healthy!

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