17 February 2019

Endodontics or root canal treatment is a complex
and demanding area of dentistry. Sometimes your
dentist may feel that it would be better for you to
be treated by someone with further training in root
canal work and the experience and specialist
equipment necessary to provide the best possible
standard of care for you. Huddersfield Endodontics
is renowned for its high level of expertise and
quality of care, so you can be assured that you
really are in the best possible hands.

Root canal treatment is required when the pulp
inside the root, or roots, of your tooth dies and
becomes infected. Without treatment the infection
can spread, which usually leads to loss of the tooth.
The root canals are extremely small and are rarely
straight, which is why the treatment is often
undertaken by someone with the necessary
finely-tuned skills and specialist equipment.

Please watch the video below for an animation of the root canal procedure:

Please click 'Case Studies' on the menu for examples of actual root canal treatment.

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